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Let The "Elves" take care of your decorating!

Decorating for commercial or residential properties Tall Elf Designs takes all your concerns away.  So many of us feel overwhelmed with a shortage of time to make our homes and businesses truly beautiful for the holiday season.  Enjoying time during the holidays is what we help to provide.  We custom design full tree sets, wreaths, garlands and arrangements of all styles.  The best part?  We come and fully install it, professionally.  Our team of "elves" show up, work diligently and neatly to provide your location with the very best designs. When we finish, we clean ourselves out the door.  You get to sit back and enjoy it all.  After the holidays are over, we come back!  Yes, everyone's most dreaded part is taking all down.  Well, we take care of that too.  We pack it up and place it in your storage area until we return the next season.  

Custom Designs

We set up and initial meeting at the property you would like designed.   We will do a full walk through and discuss key areas to decorate.  We will take measurements, photos of your color scheme and decor style.  We then fully design just for your property.  What we offer is fully custom, you will never see the same decor or designs anywhere.  These are 100% designed and made for you.  We will then schedule your install date and time. 

Love the decor you have?

If you have decor that you love but take days or weeks to decorate (I have been told some take 2 weeks to do themselves!) we can give that time back to you!  We set up a meeting to discuss the decor you own and set up time.

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For press or vendor inquiries, please send us a message. Thank you for your interest! We will get back to you as soon as we can.

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